Changes from one or multiple editors can be easily tracked using Microsoft Word 2007. You can either use the default track changes, such as red strike through for deletions and red underline for insertions, or you can modify the look of the changes to fit your personal preference. To modify the changes, go to the Review tab and choose Change Tracking Options. To begin tracking changes in a document, go to the Review Tab. In the Tracking Group, choose to Track Changes.

If there will only be one person making changes to the document, this is all you will need to do. If there will be several editors for a particular document, go to the Review Tab. In the Tracking Group, choose the pull down menu for Track Changes. Choose Change User Name. Near the bottom of that screen, each editor will fill in their name in the User Name and Initials windows. This option will give each editor a different color and will keep track of who is making which changes. Using different colors will be helpful later if the author needs to ask the editor a clarifying question. To see who made changes, the author will simply hover the chooser over the correction. The editor’s name and the date of the correction will appear. The author can then review the changes made.

Corrections and deletions can be accepted or rejected by right clicking on the suggested change or deletion and choosing Accept Change/Deletion or Reject Change/Deletion.  If a change or deletion is accepted, it will automatically be updated in the document. If it is rejected, the original text will remain the same and the suggestion will disappear.