Who decided that December would be the season to give and receive? Aside from that Jesus guy, of course.  I have a present for you even though it’s only July.  It’s not a pony, or a puppy, or tube socks. Unlike a live animal in your house, this gift will save you time and work. So tear the wrapping paper off your latest Christmas present—templates.

If you often find yourself creating similar documents, use a template. A template is predesigned file that does the formatting for you. A template is essentially a coloring book for your report/essay/love letter, just color inside the lines.  All you need to do is fill in the blanks with text and the formatting will be done for you. Microsoft word has many stock templates that you can customize to suite your needs, or you can create your own by formatting a document exactly the way you want, and saving it as a template. Templates are a great way to save time and ensure a uniform finished product.