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Technical Writing and Editing

PSC's internal project flow process encourages open communication between the client and editor, and our coordinated editing levels ensure that your document receives a thorough review. Every document written or edited by PSC is reviewed by staff with advanced degrees in science and in English. This unique approach allows us to provide polished documents that are edited for readability and technical concepts. A copyeditor will first proofread your document for spelling, punctuation, and typographical errors. Your copyeditor also ensures sentences are integrated components within a paragraph, paragraphs are integrated components within the section, and that the document clearly develops a thesis. Second, a content editor will review your document to identify errors and inconsistencies in fact, improve organization, compare information presented in tables and figures with corresponding text, ensure the presentation is appropriate for the purpose of the report and the intended audience, and verify all simple calculations. Your content editor will also verify the usability and correctness of study‑specific information on maps.

Document Design and Formatting for 508 Compliance

Once the document has been finalized, we apply styles and heading levels, create an auto-generated table of contents and lists of your tables and figures, and add headers and footers to give your document a polished, professional look. Finally, PSC creates professional‑looking, fully functional PDFs that comply with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

Content Analysis and Project Record Management

With over 80 years of combined professional experience, our team is comprised of the region's foremost NEPA documentation companies whose clients benefit from our ability to focus on all aspects of NEPA documentation, including content analysis and project record management. We can create your project record index in Excel (with dynamic hyperlinks if desired) or Microsoft Access.

Meeting Documentation

PSC employees have also documented numerous meetings. When we document a meeting, our clients receive clear, concise minutes that effectively summarize what was said and highlight important decisions and action items. We also format the minutes according to client preference, submit the summary for review, incorporate any changes or edits, and manage distribution of the final minutes to attendees.​

SharePoint Site Development

When working on large projects ​with multiple authors, we develop a SharePoint site to ensure version control and manage document transfers. Using a SharePoint site enables seamless collaboration between our team, clients and subcontractors around the world.  We then train everyone involved to use the SharePoint site if needed. We also track the status and progress of each chapter or report from the time an author first submits it for editing to final publishing. Your Project Manager will receive timely progress reports so he or she knows all deadlines will be met. And, because we have become an integral team member to our Forest Service clients, Nikole Pearson has a Forest Service profile, so we are always able to access the O Drive to easily transfer files and manage project records.

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