PSC Team

BS, Agriculture-Soil Science, Montana State University

Terry Hardy

Soil Scientist/Hydrogolist

Terry Hardy has 34 years of experience in natural resource management with emphasis in soil & wildland hydrology and riparian & aquatic ecosystems. A watershed specialist employed by the U.S. Forest Service (retired 2019), Terry’s expertise is understanding the influences of natural and human disturbances on soil processes and hydrologic function at varying fine- to broad scales. His ability to characterize the important processes in play at varying scales contributes to highly proficient design and completion of field evaluations and technical analyses of soil-water resources in support of both programmatic assessments and project-level multiple use activities. Terry is skilled in Forest level watershed program management and budget development; and in planning, design and implementing soil, water, aquatic and riparian restoration. Terry has experience in project management and as team leader for National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) site-specific projects and Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) assessments, implementation and as a training instructor.
Meets OPM Education and/or Experience Requirements for Labor Categories at GS12 Level Exceeds minimum experience requirement with over 19 years of demonstrated experience as Soil Scientist and 12 years as Hydrologist

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