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M.S., Forest and Woods Sciences, Colorado State University B.S, Forest Resources and Conservation, University of Florida

Craig Morris

NEPA/Forest Planning Specialist

Craig Morris has over 31 years of experience working for the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) in the development, amendment, and revision of Forest Plans to meet the requirements of the National Forest Management Act (NFMA). He specializes in facilitating the environmental documentation process from identification of the proposed action through the decision. He leads decision makers and ID teams to a clear understanding of the decisions to be made and the information required to defensibly inform and document those decisions in a highly litigious environment. He tailors the form and level of detail in project management so each person on the team or in management is informed appropriately. While working in USFS Region 4, Craig primarily used the Vegetation Dynamics Development Tool to simulate forest systems, allowing the comparison of conditions and trends over time and across management alternatives. As part of this, he helped further refine the software to meet the timber program calculation requirements described in NFMA.
Meets OMP Education and/or Experience Requirements for Labor Categories at GS-11 Level Has at least 30 years of demonstrated experience serving as NEPA/ Forest Planning Specialist

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