NEPA Support

Project Description

An agency-wide survey of Forest Service employees in 2009 identified several factors that could improve the agency’s NEPA practice. Establishing standardized procedures for resource effects analysis and core competencies for those performing those analyzes along with ensuring line officer engagement throughout the process were at the top of the list of factors.

In response to a need to standardize procedures, PSC was contracted to develop advanced corporate training for IDTs, resource specialists, and line officers. Training included a decision-making process and NEPA module that focused on how NEPA influences agency decision making and how other environmental statutes and decision sciences can be used to frame the analysis and decision space.

Specific Tasks and Outcomes

Development Team Meetings—PSC’s NEPA Specialist participated in a series of development team meetings.

Training Material Development—The NEPA Specialist participated in training material development by contributing towards subject matter expertise on decision making processes and project level planning, including the role NEPA performs in this process. PSC provided narrative for instructor notes on matters related to subject matter knowledge. PSC also provided a Writer/Editor to ensure the final course material flowed well and was grammatically correct and understandable.