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Food, Water, and Air Projects

– Food, Water, and Air Projects

As climate change continues to impact all aspects of our lives, we’re dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to use food waste as energy, improve water quality, and reduce the impacts from wildfire to air quality.

Fire damage


Peak Sci has worked on a variety of food, water, and air projects. The sample projects listed below highlight our experience in these industries. For many years, we’ve had an interest in projects that reduce food waste and have worked on projects that convert food waste into energy. Our experience with water quality are varied and include hydropower dam relicensing projects, water and wastewater treatment plants, and integrated restoration projects. And finally, our work on reducing wildfire risk centers around reducing the impacts from wildfire to air quality. 



City of Boise Wastewater Treatment Facility Digester Gas Enhancement Evalutaion


City of Fruitland Wastewater Facility Plan


Ohio Gulch Biosolids Facilities Report


Swan Falls Dam Hydropower Relicensing Application Technical Reports


Clear Creek Integrated Resource Project Environmental Impact Statement


Whether it’s working to prevent food waste or reducing wildfire risk, we are dedicated to helping communities thrive and protecting our planet for future generations.