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Environmental Protection

– Projects Protecting Fish, Wildlife, and Plants

Protecting fish, wildlife, and plant species is important for the health of our ecosystems. Without healthy populations of these species, our natural environment cannot thrive. That’s why protecting endangered species, maintaining wildlife habitat, and enhancing our country’s waterways are central to every project we do.  

Fire damage


Peak Sci has worked on a variety of projects designed to protect fish and wildlife species and their habitat. The sample projects listed below highlight our experience completing numerous forest restoration projects designed to improve critical habitat and protect fish and wildlife species from uncharacteristic wildfire. We also worked with the Forest Service to protect more than 4 million acres of National Forest System lands from invasive weed species.

Finally, we worked with the US Fish and Wildlife Service protect listed snails, endangered bull trout, and the rare slickspot peppergrass.



Forest Plan Amendments Proposed to Facilitate Implementation of the Plan-Scale Wildlife Conservation Strategy, Phase 1: Forested Biological Community


Bull Trout Final Critical Habitat Justification: Rationale for Why Habitat is Essential and Documentation of Occupancy


As the Earth’s temperature rises, the habitat for many species is shrinking, leading to a loss in biodiversity. Changes in climate are also leading to changes in the food chain, which can lead to an increase in animal predators and a decrease in the population of their prey. To help mitigate these impacts, we’ve been working for almost 20 years to protect wildlife habitat, reduce the impacts from invasive and nonnative species, and protect those species in greatest need of protection.