Boise and Sawtooth Forests Invasive Plant Species Project

Project Area

The project area included all NFS lands within the 2,267,000 acres of the Boise National Forest and 2,170,000 acres of the Sawtooth National Forest.

Project Description

The purpose of this project was to reduce the negative effects of existing and future invasive plants on the structure and function of native plant communities and other natural resource values. The proposed action prioritized weed species and treatment areas on both Forests; identified and treated existing priority weed infestations using a variety of methods; improved sagebrush obligate habitat by managing invasive weed species through preventions, removal, or containment; limited the spread and effect of nonnative invasive species in sage-steppe ecosystems; and prevented or limited the introduction and establishment of identified weed species, particularly in areas as high risk because of recent wildfire.

Specific Tasks and Outcomes

Interdisciplinary Team Meetings—PSC was contracted to attend and document, for the project record, all IDT meetings.

Technical Reports—The PSC team edited the following technical reports: air quality, botany, climate change, cultural resources, weed monitoring, fisheries, hydrology, soils, range, recreation, human health, visuals, Congressionally designated areas, vegetation, and wildlife. PSC also edited a combined biological assessment for botany, fish, and wildlife. In addition, PSC provided the recreation specialist who authored the recreation and visuals technical reports.

Environmental Impact Statement, Draft Record of Decision and Project Record—PSC authored the 495-page EIS and developed and edited the accompanying 11 appendices. PSC also edited the ROD and maintained and indexed the project record.

Content Analysis—The PSC team analyzed the comments received during the public comment period, identified issues, and reviewed these issues with the Responsible Official. From these comments, the team identified and developed additional alternatives that were not analyzed in detail and modified the proposed action.