Best Sustainability Statements: 7 Examples For Inspiration


There is a lot of talk these days about sustainability, and for good reason. Not only is reducing your environmental impact good for the climate, but evidence indicates that businesses that focus on sustainability are more successful in the long term.

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To ensure that future generations can survive and thrive in our world, we must make decisions that drive sustainability today. One way for businesses to ensure sustainability is at the heart of every decision they make is to create a sustainability statement – an official declaration from your organization about its commitment to environmental solutions and social responsibility.

For companies leading the green economy, sustainability statements can easily be incorporated into their mission or vision statements. Larger companies, or those launched before the environmental crisis, may choose to incorporate sustainability as one of their core values or value propositions. Finally, companies may develop sustainability statements that complement their mission statement and act as guiding principles for protecting the environment.

Sustainability statements come in all shapes and sizes, but the best ones have strong, inspiring language that clarifies your company’s sustainability goals and encourages customers and employees to take action. Here are seven examples of sustainability statements to help inspire your own.

Sustainability Statements as Mission Statements

A mission statement is a statement of purpose often used by businesses and organizations to describe their reason for existence. A well-crafted mission statement can also be a sustainability statement, primarily when a company exists to implement environmentally responsible solutions and social responsibility.

man walking with backpack to illustrate Patagonia's sustainability statements

This type of sustainability statement works well for companies whose products or services promote sustainability, such as Veloce Energy below. Other organizations see sustainability as essential to their business operations and put it front and center in their mission statement. For example, Patagonia’s mission statement, “Everything we make has an impact on people and the planet,” makes it clear that they view sustainability as more than just a desirable goal – it’s essential to their very identity. Patagonia isn’t merely in the clothing and gear business; they’re in the business of creating a sustainable future.

Veloce Energy

Veloce Energy develops electric vehicle chargers. Being in the clean technology industry, the purpose of their organization is to protect the environment. Thus, their mission statement also serves as a sustainability statement.

To impact climate change by accelerating the electrification of transportation through technological and business model innovation in EV charging.

Cero Bikes

Cero builds and sells electric cargo bikes to reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions. Cero’s sustainability statement is an excellent example of a dual mission and sustainability statement. Their mission statement is broken into three parts:

  • Purpose (what they do)
  • Goal (how they’re going to do it)
  • The why behind the purpose and goal

At CERO Bikes, we empower everyday life with electric utility bicycles.

Our goal is to design high-quality compact electric cargo bikes that make cities better places to live. CERO bikes allow almost anyone to accomplish most of their daily needs safely, sustainably, and efficiently – without a car.

We envision a world where you don’t have to sacrifice convenience, or the planet’s health, to get where you’re going and do what you need to do.

Chariot Energy

The beauty of Chariot Energy’s mission statement is its simplicity.

We’ll provide you with 100% clean, renewable energy, always backed by simplicity, transparency, and integrity.

Sustainability Statements as Value Propositions

Larger companies may incorporate a sustainability statement into their value propositions.

Greiner Bio-One

Greiner Bio-One is a global leader in biotechnology, diagnostics, medical devices, and in vitro diagnostics. They have more than 2,3000 employees and operate production sites in six countries.

As a global plastic-processing medical technology company, Greiner Bio-One knows it must play a role in minimizing plastic waste and reducing its environmental impact. Greiner Bio-One has anchored sustainability as one of its eight value propositions to reduce its environmental footprint.

Their statement is an excellent example because it includes their commitment to sustainable practices and sets a measurable goal of being climate neutral by 2030.

We are committed to creating a sustainable global future and aim to be climate neutral by 2030.

Sustainability Statements for Green Economy Companies

A growing number of companies specialize in industries such as clean technology, renewable energy, and organic products. These companies implement sustainability practices in every aspect of their operations and operate in an environmentally responsible and socially responsible manner. They know their customers demand that they have higher environmental standards than other companies.

Many of these companies have developed sustainability statements in addition to traditional mission statements that outline their commitment to the environment and detail the specific steps they are taking to reduce their impact.

Green Business Bureau

The Green Business Bureau helps businesses understand, prioritize, implement and certify green initiatives and sustainable business practices. As a trusted 3rd party, they provide businesses with an official seal to validate and promote their commitment to implementing sustainable solutions and to highlight their accomplishments, such as reducing their carbon footprint, becoming more energy efficient, or striving to be more socially responsible.  

While sustainability is built into both the vision and mission statement, Green Business Bureau goes one step further with a sustainability statement.

We balance profit and purpose. We put our employees and customers first and grow our business to create a virtuous cycle of doing more good for the planet and society while we grow.


Lectron is an electric vehicle charging manufacturer that is committed to redefining how its customers power their vehicles. In addition to mission statements that describe what they do (providing EV charging for all so that you can charge your EV anywhere), they include the following statement:

Greener is Greater: EVs are the key to a greener and greater future. By pioneering fast, easy, and affordable charging solutions, in our small way, we’re helping to spread EV adoption and powering a more sustainable future!

Sustainability Statements for Traditional Companies


FNTECH plans in-person, virtual, and hybrid events for companies of all sizes. Their sustainability statement is separate from their mission statement and includes their core value of reducing waste.

The FNTECH Green Planet Initiative represents our commitment to the environment. By reviewing our practices, establishing better waste management initiatives, and evaluating our overall supply chains, we are able to take measurable steps to creating a greener future.


What is a sustainability statement?

A sustainability statement is a public declaration of a company’s commitment to sustainable practices. While the specific content of a sustainability statement will vary depending on the company, there are a few things that all good sustainability statements have in common. First, they articulate a clear and concise message. Second, they set specific goals that can be measured and reported on. Finally, they establish a timeline for achieving those goals. By following these simple guidelines, companies can craft effective sustainability statements to help them meet their environmental responsibilities.

Why is a sustainability statement important?

Sustainability statements show a company’s or organization’s commitment to sustainable development. They can help to build trust with stakeholders, and they can provide a framework for measuring progress. Sustainability statements can also create a shared understanding of what sustainability means for the company or organization and be a powerful tool for driving change.

How do I write a sustainability statement for my business?

A few key components should be included in every sustainability statement. First, you’ll need to take a look at the current state of your business and identify areas where you can make improvements. Next, set specific goals for reducing your impact on the environment. Be sure to include a timeline for achieving these goals. Finally, outline the measures you will take to ensure that your business remains sustainable in the long term.

If writing a sustainability statement sounds overwhelming, be sure to check out our article about using AI to write your sustainability statement and simplify the process.

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