The Best Otter AI Alternatives to Transcribe Your Meetings in 2024


The quest for the perfect transcription and note-taking app that offers superior features, heightened accuracy, and ease of use is becoming more critical. Whether you belong to a sales team or manage product development, the right transcription tool can significantly enhance your workflow. So, we present the top alternatives to that can help streamline your processes and boost productivity.

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The world of AI-powered meeting tools is vast, with several worthy Otter AI alternatives offering features comparable to As we will reveal in this guide, you will be amazed at how many other excellent options are on the market. Each of these alternatives has unique strengths, giving you various options to find the perfect fit for your team’s needs. Follow us on this journey of discovery to make your projects and work easier and faster, especially if you have had difficulty with

The Importance of Transcription Services

Transcription services and meeting management tools have become indispensable in today’s digital age. They enable businesses to convert audio and video content into searchable transcripts, making record-keeping and data retrieval more efficient. Automated transcription tools, in particular, have revolutionized this process, offering real-time transcriptions that enhance meeting productivity and ensure no crucial detail is overlooked.

One significant player in this sphere is This AI-powered platform has made its mark by providing reliable transcription services catering to various industries. However, while holds a significant position in the market, there’s a growing need for alternatives that offer different features or cater to specific user requirements. For instance, Rev, a prominent alternative, provides high-quality human transcription services. Unlike automated transcription tools, Rev employs a network of professional transcriptionists to ensure utmost precision, especially for content that requires technical terminology or nuanced context.

Whether you are looking for an automated transcription tool for tasks like taking meeting notes or a platform offering human transcription services, choosing a platform that guarantees accuracy and clarity is vital. A comprehensive solution that meets your transcription needs will enhance your productivity and streamline your content management process.

Uncovering the Needs for Otter AI Alternatives

While is a powerful meeting transcription tool, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. Various factors drive the need for these alternatives. Depending on your team’s or business’s specific requirements, you may need to explore other transcription tools. These Otter AI alternatives should holistically cater to your daily communications and workflows, understanding your business’s unique needs.

For instance, do you need to transcribe pre-recorded video and audio content? Are you looking for translation services? Or do you need a tool to transcribe your online meetings in real-time? Dialpad, for example, is an excellent tool with a transcription feature built directly into your phone system or video conferencing platform. Recognizing your specific needs will help you find the best alternative that seamlessly integrates with your workflow.

Limitations of

While is a robust platform, it has a few limitations that might prompt users to seek alternatives. One such limitation is language restrictions. While the platform supports multiple languages, it might only cater to some language needs, which could challenge global businesses. 

Additionally, some users have reported inadequate customer support, which can affect the overall experience. While offers support channels like email and chat, prompt and responsive assistance can significantly enhance user experience. These limitations highlight the need for alternatives that provide a broader language range and superior customer support, aligning better with the diverse transcription needs of businesses.

The Top 7 Otter AI Alternatives for Real-Time Transcription

Many Otter AI alternatives with unique features and capabilities are emerging as voice recognition software advances. These tools offer robust functionality that automatically joins your meetings on platforms like MS Teams, transcribes conversations, and streamlines your workflow. Let’s delve into the top alternatives for real-time transcription.

MeetGeek logo


MeetGeek is an AI-powered meeting assistant designed to enhance team productivity and efficiency. This tool automatically transcribes meetings, effortlessly identifying speakers and summarizing the key discussions. It’s a valuable tool for those looking for an alternative. While Otter is a leader in the transcription services market, MeetGeek offers a unique blend of features that can streamline your workflow better.

Aside from its robust transcription services, MeetGeek also supports multiple languages, making it an excellent choice for multinational businesses. It offers broader accessibility than, providing a platform for users around the globe. With MeetGeek, you can break language barriers and foster better communication within your team, regardless of their native language.

Key Features

One of MeetGeek’s standout features is its ability to generate comprehensive meeting logs. This tool automatically transcribes meetings, ensuring all critical points are captured. This feature eradicates the need for manual note-taking, allowing you to focus more on the discussions. This way, you can keep track of your meetings more efficiently and user-friendly.

Fireflies logo


Another remarkable option for Otter AI alternatives is Fireflies, an AI meeting assistant that can revolutionize your meeting management process. Fireflies platform is designed to record meetings across various video-conferencing apps and online meeting platforms. It offers a seamless transcription experience and boasts high accuracy, ensuring clear and precise meeting records.

Key Features

Fireflies’ business plan is designed to meet the needs of all types of businesses. With its pro plan, you can access advanced features like conversation intelligence, which helps you analyze your meetings better. It also provides a simple solution to recording and transcribing, allowing you to generate transcripts effortlessly and saving you valuable time and energy.

Fireflies platform allows you to send meeting transcripts directly to your email or preferred storage system, making accessing and sharing your meeting records easier. You can transcribe live meetings or upload audio files for transcription. Its innovative features are designed to simplify your tasks and enhance your productivity, making it a solid choice among Otter AI alternatives.

Notta AI logo is a robust audio transcription tool that integrates with video conferencing software like Google Meet and Zoom. It’s designed to work on mobile devices and desktops, making it an accessible option for most users. Its built-in transcription algorithm offers accurate transcriptions, and its speaker detection feature ensures all voices are accurately captured and transcribed.

One standout feature of Notta is its ability to generate meeting highlights from the transcriptions. This feature can save you valuable time and make it easier to review key points discussed during the meeting. The tool also includes discussion timers and note-taking capabilities, adding to its versatility as one of our preferred Otter AI alternatives.

Key Features

Notta offers an array of features that streamline workflow management. It’s not just a transcription software but a comprehensive meeting assistant that helps you manage and organize your meetings effectively. Its user-friendly interface, combined with its advanced capabilities, makes it a strong contender in Otter AI alternatives.

Avoma logo


Avoma is another robust alternative to Otter, designed primarily for sales and customer-facing teams. One of its key selling points is its ability to capture insights from prospects and customers and search transcripts for key topics later. Although not part of the free plan, written transcriptions are available for a monthly fee, making Avoma a more premium option in the list of alternatives.

One feature that sets Avoma apart is its CRM integration. This feature integrates seamlessly with your existing CRM system, enabling you to track and manage customer interactions more effectively. Additionally, it offers snippet sharing and calendar sync features, adding to its usability as an efficient meeting assistant.

Key Features

Avoma’s standout features extend beyond transcription and meeting analytics. Its ability to integrate with CRM systems, share snippets, and sync calendars makes it a comprehensive tool for managing meetings. While it is pricier than some alternatives, its robust features and user-friendly interface make it a worthwhile investment for teams that need a comprehensive meeting assistant and transcription service.

Vowel logo


Vowel is a novel meeting tool designed to streamline your meeting process. It automatically records and live-transcribes meeting conversations, making it easier for you to keep track of the discussions. With Vowel, you can highlight important moments and add timestamped action items to the live transcriptions for easy reference later.

Key Features

This tool reduces the need for multiple apps by integrating various features into one platform. It allows users to collaborate on shared agendas and notes, helping teams to stay on track. With its user-friendly interface and real-time transcription capabilities, Vowel is a strong contender when searching for Otter AI alternatives.

As an alternative, Vowel is a transcription service that stands out for its ability to take multiple transcription languages and provide your meeting transcription in multiple languages. This feature benefits diverse teams and international businesses, ensuring everyone can understand the content of meetings and discussions regardless of their native languages.

Dialpad logo


Another choice in Otter AI alternatives that is worth noting is Dialpad. Its automatic transcriptions of meetings and phone calls in real time give it an edge over many other transcription services. Its AI can pick up keywords and phrases, making it an effective tool for meeting analytics. Furthermore, Dialpad’s voice recognition software provides accurate transcriptions and real-time voice recognition, making it a reliable meeting assistant.

When comparing Dialpad with Otter AI, one key advantage that Dialpad has is its ability to provide services in multiple languages. This feature, combined with its superior voice recognition software, natural language processing, and automatic transcriptions, makes it a viable Otter AI alternative for businesses operating in a multilingual environment.

Key Features

Dialpad offers a Pro plan, which includes unlimited transcriptions and minutes. This paid plan is ideal for businesses that have frequent meetings and require comprehensive transcriptions. 

Additionally, its integration with third-party apps like Dropbox and Salesforce and its user-friendly interface make it an efficient tool for managing communication channels. You can also take advantage of Dialpad’s standalone video conferencing tool for video meetings, which is part of its service.

Grain logo


Grain is an emerging transcription service quickly earning recognition as an effective alternative. As a recording and transcription tool, Grain is designed to help teams plan, execute, and follow up on Zoom meetings. This capability makes it a valuable tool for businesses that often use video-conferencing apps.

Given its innovative features and the ability to seamlessly integrate with Zoom, Grain is fast becoming a preferred Otter AI alternative. Its impressive functionalities make it an ideal transcription tool choice for businesses looking for a reliable and efficient transcription service.

Key Features

Grain’s ability to transcribe audio and video files from Zoom meetings is a significant advantage. This feature not only enhances meeting analytics but also helps in ensuring transcription accuracy. Its calendar integration is a standout feature that allows you to schedule your meetings and invite other participants with ease. This feature, combined with its ability to auto-record on Grain, makes it a comprehensive AI meeting assistant.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Alternative

When seeking an alternative to streamline transcription services and enhance meeting management, you should consider several key factors. These include user interface, integration capabilities, transcription accuracy, and pricing. By sifting through these aspects, you can find a transcription app or AI meeting assistant that perfectly meets your needs and preferences.

User Interface

The user interface is a critical element when choosing a transcription app to serve as an alternative. A user-friendly interface can make the transcription process smoother and more efficient. It can also minimize the learning curve for new users and improve the overall user experience. Therefore, look for apps with intuitive, easy-to-navigate interfaces that simplify the transcription process.

Additionally, some transcription apps offer real-time collaboration features and integration with video conferencing tools. These features enable teams to work together more effectively, making the transcription process more streamlined. So, consider these aspects when evaluating the user interface of potential alternatives.

Integration Capabilities

Integration capabilities are another crucial factor to consider. The best transcription apps can seamlessly integrate with other platforms that you frequently use. For example, some apps can integrate with video conferencing tools and project management software, enhancing productivity and making your workflow more efficient.

A transcription app with robust integration capabilities can be a valuable tool in your arsenal, enabling you to manage your projects and meetings more effectively. So, when looking for an alternative to, pay close attention to the integration capabilities of each potential option.

Transcription Accuracy

Transcription accuracy is a paramount factor when evaluating Otter AI alternatives. The value of a transcription app lies in its ability to produce highly accurate transcriptions, reducing the need for extensive video editing. Accurate transcriptions ensure that the captured content retains its intended meaning and value, making it a vital aspect to consider.

Inaccurate transcriptions can lead to misunderstandings and miscommunications, which can have serious consequences. Therefore, when choosing an alternative, select an app with a high level of transcription accuracy.


Pricing can be a deciding factor when choosing a transcription app. The free version of Otter allows you to capture 30 minutes of conversation per meeting. However, if your meetings run longer than 30 minutes, you must opt for a premium subscription, which offers more features such as speaker identification and timestamps.

Before choosing an alternative, examine the pricing structure and subscription options for each potential choice. Some apps may offer a basic plan with limited features, while others may provide more comprehensive features at a higher price. Therefore, consider your budget and specific needs before making a decision.

Customer Support

Choosing an alternative goes beyond evaluating features and pricing. One significant aspect to consider is customer support. Reliable customer support can significantly enhance your experience with the app. It’s essential to prioritize transcription apps that provide responsive communication channels, such as email, chat, or phone.

Quick and efficient customer support can promptly resolve potential issues, leading to minimal downtime and uninterrupted workflow. This consideration is vital in choosing an alternative that best suits your transcription needs and boosts your productivity and content management.


What is

Otter AI is a powerful tool that transcribes online meetings in real time. It generates accurate meeting summaries, complete with key points, screen captures, and recorded audio. This feature makes it a sought-after resource for managing meetings and turning audio content into text-based resources.

How does compare to other transcription tools?

There are numerous transcription tools, and the best one for your team or business largely depends on what you’re looking for. stands out in real-time transcription of calls and online meetings. However, if you need a transcription feature that’s integrated into your phone system or video conferencing platform, other apps may be more suitable. The choice ultimately depends on your specific communication and workflow requirements.

What are the top features of

Otter AI boasts several features that make it a top choice for transcription services. Some of its standout features include real-time transcription and translation in 15 languages. It also offers video transcription services, helping convert video content into text-based resources. Otter’s editing tools also enable users to correct and refine transcriptions as necessary. Lastly, its integration with Google Calendar makes meeting management more seamless.

Are there any pay-as-you-go alternatives to

There are pay-as-you-go alternatives to These transcription services offer flexible payment models that allow users to only pay for the minutes they transcribe instead of monthly or yearly subscriptions. This option is excellent for infrequent users or small businesses with tight budgets. Some of these alternatives include Fireflies, Meetgeek, and Grain. All these options offer reliable voice recognition software with speaker identification and collaboration features, making them excellent alternative choices.

What should businesses look for in Otter AI alternatives?

When investigating an alternative, businesses should consider several key factors. First, accuracy is paramount. The options should be able to transcribe speech into text with high precision. Second, real-time transcription is a must. The tool should be able to transcribe accurately and instantly, allowing users to keep track of the crucial points as they go along. Third, an AI meeting assistant feature can intelligently record every bit of activity and help create meeting minutes with the most vital information. Lastly, the tool should offer a user-friendly interface, easy integration with video-conferencing apps, and excellent customer support.

Can I use for free?

You can use Otter AI for free. They offer a basic plan that includes 600 minutes of transcription per month at no cost. However, while this free plan can be quite helpful for individuals or small businesses, it does have limitations. For instance, it lacks advanced features such as meeting analytics, custom vocabulary, and priority email support. Therefore, if your transcription needs are more extensive or require more advanced features, consider upgrading to paid plans or exploring other alternative options.

How well does work?

Otter AI provides transcription services quite well. It accurately records different speakers’ points in a clean and crisp format. It also comes with a live summarizer and editor, ensuring you never miss a crucial moment. However, like any technology, it has its limitations. For instance, it may struggle to transcribe in noisy environments or with heavily accented speech. Therefore, you should explore other options that better suit your requirements.

Are there any free alternatives to Otter?

There are free alternatives to Otter. They provide basic transcription services at no cost, similar to Otter’s free plan. Some of these include Fathom, Meetgeek, and Krisp. However, like Otter, these free plans have limitations and may not include advanced features such as meeting analytics or priority support.


Finding a suitable alternative to for your transcription services and meeting assistant needs is a decision that requires a holistic view of your specific needs. Are you a content creator who needs a note-taking app that can transcribe meetings in real-time? 

You may also need a tool to handle closed captions for video and audio files in over twenty languages. Or, maybe you’re looking for a meeting assistant that allows single-click file sharing through Google Drive or Google Docs.

Many transcription tools leverage artificial intelligence and voice recognition technology to offer advanced features such as converting voice conversations into timestamped highlights or providing engagement analytics. Some even integrate directly with your video conferencing software, like Google Meet or Zoom, and offer unlimited recordings and transcripts on audio files. If you’re conducting virtual meetings frequently, integrating with the Zoom app or other video-conferencing apps can streamline your workflow. 

The key is to identify the features that are most crucial for you, whether it’s transcription accuracy, custom vocabulary, or the ability to record your meetings and video clips with a single click. Remember, the best Otter AI alternatives ultimately depend on your unique circumstances and workflow needs.

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