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Helping the Forest Service do more with less since 2007

What our clients are saying...


"Excellent. Technical lead and Forest Service ID team members identified products met all requirements."




"...provided high quality NEPA products, specifically the EA, draft DN/FONSI, and project record."

Project Management

"Project Management was a primary element leading to the success of this contracted NEPA effort. With the contract work start, stop, then re-start - the ability to focus, direct, adjust and re-focus across multiple resource components; then prepare and deliver the defined items indicates a high performing program."


"...provided multiple, meaningful communications indicating a high level of knowledge of the performance requirements, deliverables, and timelines defined in the task order."


"Project management of the multiple components in the contract have resulted in high quality deliverables. The efficiencies have contributed to adjustments that provide increased detail or quantities."


"Contract elements and deliverables of the highest quality include: project management & communications; writer-editor skills; rangeland vegetation assessment; GIS support; and roads and trails condition assessments & restoration design."


"...provided highly skilled personnel for each resource component above, including a highly experienced Project Manager, writer-editor, and GIS analyst. For each resource area the Contractor completed the technical analyses, data collection, document & graphics preparation, and provided camera-ready & electronic formatted products for public distribution and review."


"...maintained a professional and positive attitude throughout the contract term. They were timely and responsive to all emails and phone calls."


"...flexible with adjusting to changes in intermediate timelines to achieve the final completion deadline... finished their requirements ahead of schedule."

Peak Science Communications (PSC) launched from a home office in 2007 with a single intention: to build a purpose-driven company benefiting all stakeholders, not just shareholders. In the past 13 years, our commitment to people over profits has enabled us to grow from a small technical editing company to a full-service forestry consulting firm. And we've achieved this growth while maintaining our core value of connection: connection between our staff, connection to our clients, and connection to our environment.

While we may look similar to our competition from the outside and while we will always employ a team with the expertise and depth to effectively complete any proposed forestry project, we strive to be a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit. We consider the impact of our decisions on our workers, customers, community, and environment.

Our team provides all of the leadership, forestry, engineering, and resource expertise required by our clients, yet retains the personal, small-firm attention to detail and prompt client service. 

Unlike our competitors, PSC is not an environmental consulting firm—we are a Forest Service consulting firm, and we pride ourselves on being a company the Forest Service repeatedly chooses to do business with.

PSC has worked with Forests across the western United States through our 6 Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts and Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) with the following Forest Service regions:

Region 1

Region 3

Region 4

Region 5

Region 6

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Our core team at PSC includes experienced Program Managers, Interdisciplinary Team Leaders, National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Specialists, Meeting Facilitators, Writers and Editors, Document and Project Record Specialists, GIS Specialists, SharePoint Architect and Website Developer. We also employ select resource specialists inhouse, including Fisheries Biologist, Soils Specialist, Hydrologist, Recreation Specialist, Rangeland Management Specialist, and Forest Ecologist.

Our team provides all of the leadership, forestry, engineering, and resource expertise required by our clients, yet retains the personal, small-firm attention to detail and prompt client service. At PSC, we’ve proven that the right team of small businesses working together can successfully compete with any large firm.

Nikole Pearson

Nikole Pearson

CEO/Program Manager

Nikole’s best asset is her ability to assemble winning teams of environmental consulting professionals who excecute all project elements at the highest level. Her reputation of producing quality products, on time and within budget, have enabled her to successfully compete with much larger companies.

Jay Wilhite

Jay Wilhite

Operations Manager

Jay brings over 20 years of computer programming and design experience to PSC. His duties at the company include developing and managing SharePoint sites and users for all PSC projects, creating client websites, and developing training. 

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