Technical Writing/Editing

Partner with us to elevate your technical documents, ensuring clarity, coherence, and conciseness.

NEPA Specialist and IDT Leader

Our NEPA Specialists and IDT Leaders help you forge ahead with confidence, backed by experts that champion the letter and spirit of NEPA.

Full IDT Solutions

We team with a diverse range of experts, from ecologists to economists, ensuring comprehensive insights that consistently deliver impactful results

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US Forest Service

US Fish and Wildlife Service

California Dept of Transportation

Army National Guard

Idaho Power Company

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A Rich History in Science Communications. An Exciting Future in AI-Driven Transformations.

Effective communication is crucial for conveying complex technical concepts to a large and diverse audience. And recent advancements in AI have revolutionized the way content is created, edited, and distributed.

Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you strategically optimize your workflow processes by utilizing AI-driven advancements for writing, editing, meeting documentation, presentations, social media, and more.

We Help You Collect, Analyze, Collaborate, and Report Efficiently

If your goal is to produce efficient, effective, and quality land management decisions to accomplish more work on the ground and be more responsive to the public, you can count on PSC.

We are dedicated to streamlining processes and making land management decisions more efficient and have developed three proprietary frameworks that repeatedly save our clients time and money:

  • 50 PPY Framework: This process allows for the completion of up to 50 categorical exclusion (CE) projects per year, reducing time and effort required by resource and NEPA specialists
  • EA 4X Effect Process: Our process streamlines the NEPA process by utilizing resource worksheets, a limited scope of analysis, a phased-in approach, and a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI)-based environmental assessment (EA), resulting in shorter NEPA documents, faster completion times, and documents that are easier for the public to read, digest, and understand.
  • Online public meetings: Our platform provides an interactive online experience, mimicking in-person public meetings. Visitors can access project details, attend webinars, view interactive maps, submit comments, and more. This technology facilitates meaningful engagement, saves time, and reduces costs associated with traditional public meetings.

Experience the difference with PSC as we work together to sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of our nation’s federally managed lands for present and future generations.

Data Analysis


“Contractor was responsive to contract requirements, conducting themselves very professionally, provided recommended solutions to issues identified, completed work based on the solution the Government chose to adopt, were flexible in adjusting their schedules to meet Government’s needs.”

~CPARS Review

“Project Management was a primary element leading to the success of this contracted NEPA effort. With the contract work start, stop, then re-start – the ability to focus, direct, adjust and re-focus across multiple resource components; then prepare and deliver the defined items indicates a high performing program.”

~CPARS Review

“Project management of the multiple components in the contract have resulted in high quality deliverables. The efficiencies have contributed to adjustments that provide increased detail or quantities.”

~CPARS Review

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